Receivership Services

At Blue Sky Hospitality, we understand that for a lender, a distressed hotel can be a complicated real estate endeavor.  The most important decision to make when faced with this challenge is to select and retain an experienced hotel management company. Blue Sky Hospitality has a successful track record in managing distressed hotels under receiverships for financial institutions.

Blue Sky Hospitality will work with clients to develop a customized approach to the hotel given its market segment, facility condition, and status with the franchise system. Blue Sky can give consultation based on its knowledge of the industry and experience with similar assets. 

Blue Sky has a results driven culture focused on bottom line results. Our team will focus on securing the asset, mitigating operational costs, and enhancing revenues. The asset's financial performance will be monitored on a daily basis with our industry leading technology and reporting platform providing detailed reports for our clients.  The company prides itself on generating a complete profit and loss report which is produced by our parter CPA firm.

Together we can develop a strategy to reposition the hotel for maximum recovery value. By leveraging our industry relationships, we can help bring qualified brokers into the process to help tell the story to potential buyers.