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Property of the Year Winners!

La Crosse, WI April 27th, 2017

The annual GrandStay General Manager Conference was held on April 27th 2017 at the River's Edge Event Center in La Crosse, WI. In attendance were General Managers, and management company representatives throughout the GrandStay franchise system.

The awards ceremony concluded the event in which two properties managed by Blue Sky Hosptiality received awards for property of the year. The GrandStay Hotel and Suites of Morris, MN which is managed by Brandi Ross (pictured left) won the award for the GrandStay franchise system. The Crossings Inn and Suites (managed by Brandy Wempner) won the award for Property of the Year for the Crossings franchise system.

We congratulate these two fantastic General Managers for their hard work and dedication in delivering exceptional hospitality to their guests!

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