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Blue Sky Hospitality Recognizes General Managers

The annual General Manager conference for Blue Sky Hospitality was held on February 27th at the GrandStay Residential Suites Hotel in St. Cloud, MN. General Managers attend this annual event as an opportunity to learn, network, and receive recognition for achievements at their respective hotel properties. In particular, five major awards were given for 2012; Mystery Call Award, Online Excellence Award, Revenue Growth Award, Sales & Marketing Award, and the General Manager of the Year Award.

Nathan Sieve, President of Blue Sky Hospitality said this of the meeting “Our General Manager Conference has evolved over the years to become a key event for our GM’s. During the one day session, we collaborate and challenge one another striving for excellence in our operations. We have many top rated properties in our portfolio, so it also gives us a chance to recognize those managers whom excelled in different areas the previous year.” added Sieve.

Pictured are recipients of the awards with Blue Sky staff, from left to right: Nathan Sieve, President of Blue Sky Hospitality, Jenna Beckstrand from the AmericInn, Litchfield, MN for General Manager of the Year Award, Scott Davy of the Ramsey, MN Comfort Suites for the Revenue Growth Award, Amanda Korhonen of the St. Cloud, MN Quality Inn for the Mystery Call Award, and Jenny Gerold, Regional Director with Blue Sky. Not pictured: Amy Einhaus of the Madison, WI GrandStay Residential Suites Hotel for both the Online Excellence Award and the Sales & Marketing Award.

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