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Annual Award Winners!

General Managers were recognized recently at the annual GM conference held in Cannon Falls, MN. Receiveing awards, and pictured from left to right are: Brandi Ross with the Morris, MN GrandStay receiving the Hospitality Excellence Award. Brandy Wempner of the GrandStay Hotel in Cambrindge, MN receiving the General Manager of the year award. Deanna Huemann of Osage, IA AmericInn for the Revenue Growth Award. Abby Hemmingway of the Litchfield, MN AmericInn received two awards, for Marketing and Sales Excellence and Mystery Call Award.

Pictured in rear from left to right are Regional Managers with Blue Sky Hospitality, Jenna Beckstrand, Paul McHenry, Mark Maves, and Nathan Sieve, President of Blue Sky Hospitaltiy.

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